Inflight Service

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Vision Airlines offers complimentary sodas, juices and snacks onboard every flight. We also offer
alcoholic beverages for purchase on our flights.


Vision Airlines offers pre-assigned seating when booking your flight at no additional fee.

Seat Belt Usage

FAA Regulations require passengers to be seated with their seat belts fastened when the
aircraft leaves the gate, as it climbs after take-off, during landing, taxi, and in-flight whenever
the seat belt sign is illuminated. For additional information, please see Seat Belts.

Electronic Devices

  • Laptops, portable movie players, portable music players, and other approved devices can be
    used onboard. The in-flight crew members will notify all passengers when it is safe to use
    these devices.
  • Portable radios, cell phones, and other such devices CANNOT be used during flight at
    anytime. Our in-flight crew would be happy to answer your questions regarding your electronic
  • For more information, please see Portable Electronic Devices.


At this time, Vision Airlines does not offer Wi-Fi service.


All Vision Airlines flights are non-smoking. The FAA prohibits tobacco products of any kind
onboard our aircraft. For additional information, please see Lighters and Simulated Smoking